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MIDI Drum Velocity Randomizer MP3 Songs
STEP 1: You'll need Microsoft's .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package (yes that's 23 megs, so you're gonna need a broadband connection ...) Goto my stuff at
Goto my stuff at
STEP 2: Once the framework is installed, click here to download and install the MIDI drum randomizer  
This program is simple to use:
1) Create a MIDI File using your sequencer, Noteworthy Composer or other software. This file can contain more than one track, BUT each track must use channel 10 only
2) Click on Browse for your MIDI File containing only percussion track(s) and rename the Output file, if necessary
3) Click on Analyze File and adjust the minimum and maximum velocities for each track. Optionally, uncheck a track where you don't want the velocities randomized
4) Click on Randomize to output MIDI tracks to the Output file
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